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Mr. George Wm. Rose

As a General Manager of multiple business units of capital equipment manufacturer, Teradyne, Inc, George Rose spent 16 years travelling the world meeting with key device manufacturers, test and assembly houses and end product manufacturers learning about the semiconductor manufacturing, test and qualification process. In addition, Mr. Rose has spent countless hours analyzing the semiconductor markets for technology trends and markets in need of production effeciency improvements. Recognized globally in the semiconductor test space as an expert in cost reduction techniques and product development strategies, Mr. Rose is a trusted advisor to semiconductor production managers, start-up business owners and investment companies looking for guidance on how to improve their operations efficiency models, drive down production costs and maximize investment return on investment and capital.

In 2007, Mr. Rose identified the Microelectromechanical (MEMS) space as the fastest growing semiconductor space between the 2009 to 2014 time frame. In an effort to stay on top of this growth market, Mr. Rose investigated best practices in MEMS production and discovered the opportunity to implement dynamic level wafer test to improve production efficiency, lower cost and to help make significant development improvements. Combining the efforts of a global network of trusted advisors, applications engineers and partnering with key MEMS equipment suppliers, Mr. Rose established Global Technology Consultants, Strategy Solutions to further help the development of the MEMS market space.

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