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Dynamic Wafer Level Test ATE

Global Technology Consultants have partnered with Solidus Technologies as an authorized representative and distributor of their MEMS ATE systems and applications services.

The STI3000 is a wafer-level MEMS and mixed signal ASIC probe test system that combines several functional STI test equipment blocks for testing gyros, accelerometers, pressure sensors, microphones, resonators, and mixed signal ASICs. At the core of the test system is STI’s proprietary Drive Sense Technology (DST). DST combines unique circuitry, software and test methods to produce the most accurate representation of MEMS sensor dynamic behavior in shorter test times when compared to traditional MEMS probe test methods. The STI3000 can measure most important MEMS characteristics at the wafer level, including resonant frequency, quality factor, stiction, quadrature error, hysteresis, spring constant, f3dB frequency, capacitance and leakage. This dynamic behavior data can then be used to validate MEMS designs, monitor MEMS fabrication processes and drive product quality improvements, resulting in increased wafer-level and package-level test yields and decreased DPM rates, yielding your highest return on investment.

The STI3000 system applications include wafer level characterization, qualification and high volume production testing. During initial MEMS product development, the STI3000 can be used for wafer level characterization to expedite the MEMS product time to market. During MEMS qualification, the STI3000 can be used to validate the MEMS design and to act as the final process monitor metric for validating and improving process controls of critical MEMS fabrication steps before launching into production. During MEMS production, the STI3000 provides the fastest test times and highest test coverage for MEMS dynamic behavior measurements, resulting in lower manufacturing costs.

A standard STI3000 wafer probe test system consists of an industry standard or custom prober interfaced to an STI9000 Mixed-Signal Tester, an STI3000E Test Head (with external power supply), product configurable probe ring insert(s), and STI test software running on a standard Windows PC (see system configuration diagram below). The STI3000 is a standard test platform that is easily configured for different product types and is scalable for increased capacity. The simple and robust test configuration results in low maintenance and support for product development and manufacturing organizations.

Solidus provides operator, maintenance and engineering training with every system, including a complete documentation set. Solidus Technologies can provide the test system as a complete turnkey solution, or supply and customize any portions of the system based on your exact needs.


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