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Global Technology Consultants purpose is to broaden the availability of business excellence by bringing together a global network of MEMS professionals, who want to improve the MEMS device production environment and help to maximize your MEMS business return. The diversity of Advisors available to you at Global Technology Consultants will help in all facets of your MEMS business planning and strategy development. Global Technology Consultants can help with MEMS "Go to market" plans, market analysis, applications development, capital equipment buying decisions, foundry partners, distribution agreements and venture financing.

Hard work and good intensions alone may not bring your business to the level you desire. Instead, by working smart to leverage available experts in the MEMS field, will enable your managers to make informed decisions in less time, with less work and at an overall lower cost. At Global Technology Consultants, it is our mission to provide the MEMS industry with the tools, insight and information that is needed to make decisions quickly, efficiently and to help to achieve the highest return on investment on MEMS devices.

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